Our approach to diversity & inclusion

Shaking up one of the least diverse sectors in the world

So, where is the real estate sector?

Why should we care about diversity & inclusion?

That’s easy. The numbers speak for themselves. Diverse organisations are...

times as likely to be high-performing

times more likely to be innovative and agile

times more likely to achieve better business outcomes

Our approach to promote D&I

Our experience is that D&I goes wrong if it’s handed over to an HR team, that then stands on the sidelines and screams at the rest of the organization. Instead, we’ve attempted to weave practices increasing diversity and inclusion into all corners of Home.Earth and distributed ownership of increasing D&I to all team members. Below, we touch on some of the things we do to become a more diverse and inclusive company.

1. Transparent monitoring, awareness and clear accountabilities

2. Pre-recruitment activities

3. Recruitment activities

4. Onboarding activities

5. Culture & training activities

D&I performance and targets

We look at diversity through many different lenses. Here's a snapshot - we start with Gender Diversity:


2022 Target

Diversity is also about where people come from. Here's a breakdown of Diversity of Nationalities


2022 Target

Finally, we also try to measure how inclusive our organisation is. This includes our bi-monthly Team Barometer, which includes these two questions:

"My co-workers welcome opinion different from their own"

“I feel a sense of belonging at Home.Earth”

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A closing note

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